With VentureFounders, sophisticated investors can join VCs and angels to invest in early-stage, fast-growth UK businesses, which have been vetted and backed by the professionals. Individual investment amounts start at £1,000, but with VentureFounders’ nominee structure, any amount invested by an individual contributes to a wider share of voice, which acts in the interests of maximising the profit made by an investor upon a successful monetisation event.

Our highly selective sourcing policy means that we only take forward the businesses that meet our investment criteria and will strongly resonate with our investors. These are growing UK businesses that have past the proof of concept stage, are already generating revenue and have a clear path to profitability.

Realising a significant financial return for our investors is central for VentureFounders. We co-invest alongside institutional investors that share a similar value maximisation strategy and exit horizon to us. Consequently, we only back companies that have a clear value creation strategy and that are aiming to offer monetisation options for investors within 3-5 years though either a partial or full exit