Growthdeck is a multi-channel investment platform that provides investors with direct access to early-stage UK businesses. We are focused on providing attractive tax-efficient investment opportunities across a wide range of industries, all via a thorough and transparent investment platform.

The Growthdeck ecosystem combines a wide network of investors with select industry sector experts and professional partners to help investors make informed decisions and assists early-stage businesses in achieving sustained growth.

Our investment team has decades of combined experience in private equity (with the likes of 3i, Mitsui Ventures, Hotbed and Rockpool Investments). And the Growthdeck Panel is made up of high profile sector experts who provide unrivalled experience and hands-on assistance to companies seeking funding.

As a result, we are able to provide service levels similar to more traditional private equity and venture capital firms, including professional due diligence, extensive investee business support and higher levels of customer service.